The Golden Days Gold Necklace Set includes a Chunky Link Gold Necklace, Dreamer Gold Necklace, & Bella Dainty Gold Necklace for the perfectly layered look.  Wear layered or solo.


Glowing in gold, the Chunky Link Necklace is the perfect everyday staple with high-quality and luscious 14k Goldfilled magic creating a beautiful layering piece or stunning on it's own.  Wear as a choker or extend to wear as a delicate yet chunky necklace.  The Chunky Link Gold Choker/Necklace is crafted with a 14k Goldfilled paperclip chain. 15" necklace and 3" extender.


Adorn yourself in the light catching, sparkly, and pure liquid gold Bella dainty necklace and never take her off.  Crafted with a high quality 14k Goldfilled box chain, she'll sparkle right along with you for years and years. 16" Gold necklace.


The Dreamer Gold Mandala Necklace is for the dreamer, the one who searches, she who wanders but is not lost. She moves with intention, always in cosmic connection with the universe, always seeking harmony and sweet balance.


The Dreamer Gold Mandala Necklace is crafted with a 14k Goldfilled chain and a 14k Gold Vermeil Mandala charm. 15" chain and 3" extender.


Each piece is handmade delicately with love and care. Please take off when swimming, showering, and during hot yoga as water can damage the Gold. 

Golden Days Gold Necklace Set


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