Frequently asked questions

Why my miniatures have different resin colors?

The "normal" color of polyurethane resin, generally, is white. Normally, casters color the resin with specific pigments (black, grey) and the amount of pigment mixed to the resin may vary the final color of the resin miniatures. I saw that GRX used different colors: some miniatures are white, some others grey and some others dark grey. So, even if, aesthetically, you may like one or another, the resin is the same. I like more the grey ones.

Why is so important to wash the miniatures with water and soap, before primering them?

To facilitate the removing of the resin miniatures from the mould, generally casters use specific "greasy" products, that may remain on the miniatures like a very thin coat of oil. This could make difficult to paint the miniature, so it's always better to bathe your minis with warm water (not hot!) and a soap, like Chanteclair.

Does resin melt, if left out in the sun?

Yes&No. It's true that resin generally fears heat sources (a characteristic that we can use for our purpose, for example to bend resin components!), but resin won't melt just by being exposed to the sun for a little time. However, try not to put your resin miniatures in a showcase that ifaces the sun directly for long periods, especially during summer or if you live in a very warm region: the most thin parts (spear, think sword etc) could bend.

Can I remove paint from my painted resin miniatures?

Of course you can! Put your resin miniatures in a bowl filled with Chanteclair (or similar), for a night or two, and then remove the paint using an old toothbrush.

Is resin a fragile material?

Unfortunately, thin parts of a resin miniatures are fragile. Resin has not a great flexibility, so always be careful not to bend too much thin and long parts like spears, because they could brake. After all, even Superman has a weak spot! If you need to bend a thin part, use (carefully) a hairdryer or hot water to heat it: once warm enough, a resin part could be easily bent.

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