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The Trends of Summer 2022: How to Wear Them

If you have paid any attention to the spring/summer runway collections that have been plastering social media and magazine pages, you were probably greeted with highlighter-bright pieces, revealing cutouts, a skirt so short it could probably be categorized as a belt, and more impractical pieces that the average person simply cannot get away with wearing (out in public, at least). However, buried within these over-the-top statements are more practical trends that can be incorporated into your summer 2022 wardrobe. The Indulgent Girl has compiled a list of a few trends, as well as styling suggestions to remain both on-trend and comfortable.

Bold color fashion.

Gauzy Fabric:

Gauzy white button-down shirt.

Gauzy and sheer fabrics are a major trend this summer. From a beach cover-up to layered at an outside dinner thanks to the upcoming 8pm sunsets, this breathable material is a comfortable and lightweight alternative to heavy winter cardigans. The Jessie Gauzy Button Down features a rounded bottom as well as subtle fraying, which can easily be worn either tucked into jeans, untucked and open, or even tied into a front knot.

Puff Sleeves:

Celine V-neck tee featuring a bold shoulder, puff elbow length sleeves in Sahara.

With this trend, it is easy to get swallowed up by loads of unnecessary fabric, but the Celine Tee is an approachable step into the shape. With puff sleeves that smock around elbow length, the appearance of the shoulders is broadened, which narrows the appearance of your waist. The V-neck detail and soft brown color makes the top a staple that can be paired with jeans or even business slacks.

Pearl Pieces:

To accessorize, pearl jewelry, like these Pearl Cascade Gold Ear Threaders and the Venus Gold Necklace put a modern twist on your grandma’s classic pearl string.

Cascade 14K Gold-filled freshwater pearl ear threaders.

Venus Gold Necklace featuring 14K Gold-filled chain and a Freshwater Pearl drop.

Sequined Bags:

Gold sequin wristlet with leather strap and tassel.

As for bags, sequined pieces, like this Sequined Wristlet that can be for both a fun night out in the rich indigo blue color, or for more everyday wear in the lighter gold or silver versions. These accessories combine just the right amount of eye-catching glitz with the potential to become a staple item in your rotation.

Hopefully these suggestions inspire a wardrobe refresh for the warmest months of the year. Whether you choose to dabble in these trends or not is entirely up to you, but The Indulgent Girl is here to have those curated options right at your fingertips!

Written by: Kate Pinette

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